Who We Are

Smoky Hills Farm is a quiet oasis located 8 miles SE of Drexel, MO. We provide a place where people can gather for a time out. A respite free from the noises of life. Where they can connect with their roots, learn a new skill, get in touch with where their food comes from, rejuvenate their souls, walk a trail, share a meal and reconnect.

In addition to teaching sustainable lifestyle skills we sell a multitude of products made and/or grown on our homestead. Check our website often as those items will change seasonally and include seasonal produce, culinary and medicinal herbs, eggs, broiler chickens, pork, soaps and salves, balms and butters, jams and jellies, household cleaning products and occasionally baked goods and cheese.

We use organic, sustainable practices and our animals are all living on pasture and supplemented when necessary with certified organic grains.